How things change, can the wife and I are his middle-class couple, who were the children of A are our hands, life must be in, I thought it was Mrs. Anne began to think about how boring complained that did not do something, I have a stick in the mud to be old before your time, and so on s not me who suggested that he should do something because they think that, for example, learning how to part-time work can be found, but not, apparently, it was our social life that we lack, I’ve never been one of the outputs is a night in the bar from my side, maybe a game of pool I got to home on Friday night, right Anne said we also had been a tough week at work and in fact, I wanted to put his feet look a little TV, I told him things heat up a little, not very used to a number, told to go alone I never thought it would be the next thing is always ready, and when he left said he had his own tea and wait for me and left, I’m stupid cow that much time they made ​​their point, megaporn Also received his eleven years and started one morning I took a taxi and got out, they look a little tipsy when he said he was thinking of going to bed I said, the sadness did not sense much to say, so I left, I went the other day, where do you go you are having a good time, all I have, you should stop by and know that there was a tense atmosphere throughout the weekend called, came the following weekend and Anne said we’re going to dig your heels had to say no, so do, then they were that was a year ago, but things soon change I did not know what would happen, which is what Anne was out normal of himself with me for a few days later he said he would go with her and my surprise I said no, you’re either alone I was still think it’s a fad, and get over it, but soon two times a week has gone a few times and got home later his attitude will change when I asked him where he was or what could If anything, I knew that she made some new friends was a woman who had been in the house, this woman had not had the kind of Ana as a friend before they were somewhat younger than Anne, I would say, however, she dressed very tarty makeup styles, and Ana had seen when she was the border line depth was higher altitudes was more tension between us and our sex life fell one night when we make love, and I come over normal and altered quickly told her no good, that really hurt, but it was the lack of sex that made it possible I began to suspect that she was probably playing, so I went one night to start a center went to a large residential house has been the need of his friends, then a car stopped and two of them came out and have him as a guy who drove the car followed, but as fast as I was about to lose parked inside a block of houses disappeared, I knew I had lost there, I waited a while, but moved after aAA began to test the child’s interest in me and in my car almost new, I went back and forth I went back and the car was gone, I returned at midnight, with no luck, so I went to the house of a friend, it was light and the people within suspected it, but di not know if Anne was one of them, it was late, I went home that night, Anne was not far behind me, so I was wrong, and that there was only one elevator, where some a week later I had sex Anne for a long time since I last hunted, he said, if allowed to get it over with me, that the cause of her nightgown, use the bed, said the company has tried, but none of that was able to last longer, but he liked her, she jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean up the mess, in his own words, things are a joke us hard as we could not do anything really seemed to paddle amount ant I tried talking to them at the end of a great series, and I asked someone on the right is to see if I have the answer I was amazed at pLocated yes, and its up to me, or leave What happens to the children of the family told me it was best to keep even then, and no fuss in the coming days, a little sloppy, but I chose my spinach was the same megaporn or die was very difficult, with the exception, and I was so ashamed of having megaporn done so, as it may sound ridiculous also began to make things better between us, and said we embrace kiss me and Anne rowing, she said she never wanted to sneak behind the back I have to admit that life has changed, I had gotten his name one thing Jo never met Jo is so he was our circle friends was younger than you, but it was a great shock to the last page is black, I felt uncomfortable when she phoned him megaporn to call his favorite was one I heard over and say, yes, it’s fine now, we’re talking me talking to her husband, after this was the first time they go to Jo for me to know where they megaporn went megaporn a few came, as both seemed Creamer, who also wwith her ​​while she dressed, I was in for a megaporn surprise the half shell in a short skirt and a tight T-shirt no kickers or BH Anne was surprised this time I discovered had shaved he had to say you look strong and proven the taxi she was kissing me say that you are beautiful and there is still much more to the left if you want to know how